About Sico van der Plas

As a film director and photographer, I transform human emotions into engaging stories. I capture the natural and visualize the unimaginable.

My role as film director is to expose the true emotions behind the idea, and build a compelling cinematic story around that. My stories are a balance of unfiltered, familiar emotions and an artistically magnified version of these emotions.

As a photographer, I observe the atmosphere, pay attention to meaningful details and capture the truthful moments that happen in the split of a second. The moments we let our guards down, are the moments our true emotions show. These are the moments that make a story special. These are the stories that I tell.

Adaptability and multidisciplinary is what characterizes my way of working. This has been largely shaped my background in cinematography and graphic design in high-end industries.

This is also shown through the versatility of my portfolio; ranging from documentary photography to commercials and music videos.

Currently focussing on automotive content, artists and commercials.

For work, chat and memes, please text, or e-mail me some. mail@sicovanderplas.com / +31634447099.